Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Longan Fruit in Cambodia

The longan fruit or longyan in English well known as a tropical tree native of south east Asia.  The large plantation is mostly in many countries such as China, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sirilanka, and Vietnam. It found also in Cambodia in many farms of Pailin province.

Since long time ago there is not much people whose know that longan is a fruit tree of Cambodia. But recently on a mission to Pailin province, my working group visited a longan farm. It was the first time for me to see the longan tree closely. Normally, it looks like a Mean fruit, the same kind of longan, but its seed is bigger than longan’s seed. It made our team feel surprise and wondering how is the longan tree can grow in Cambodia?
Longan in Syrup
-It can and gives good harvest. Si San, the farm owner said.
- Where do you bring the tree from? Vietnam or Thailand? I continue asking him to explore the real story.
- Not at all, it extend here in Pailin since long time. When I was a child, my grandpa also planted it around his house, but did not plant as a farm. There are also many longan tree around my neighborhood. The local people know well the longan fruit as a kind of Mean which is very popular and they called it Ta Ngeng.
-Really? It means that Ta ngeng fruit is a tree of Cambodia.
-Of course! I think so.
-And what does it means of naming Ta Ngeng tree?
-Sorry sir, I cannot clarify about it, but this called from time to time until now.
-Well, and what does make you create the Ta ngeng’s tree farm?
Longan Tree
Si San try to explain me with his strongly opinion. He said:
-As you know the agriculture of Cambodia is slower on technical of cultivation than others neighbor countries, especially on fruit tree. In fact, there are some places of Cambodia is very good land with the great fertilized soil which is available for planting many valuable fruit tree. When I explored this secrete, it forced me starting immediately a plan to establish Ta Ngeng farm. And the reason why I was selected Ta ngeng tree to plant, because it’s very popular in local area and also world wild exported for canned with syrup. After many years planting, my product had been exported to Vietnam, Thailand and sometimes selling at local market with the price about 2$-2.50$ per kg.
Relating to the technical of plantation he said that:
-Before making farm he spend much time to search and study on books. By his experience, now he can clone many spices’ longan tree from outside with the old one of local to make a new fit in Cambodia environment which it required sandy soil and high temperature. It will offer good harvest if the tree is pouring often.
Typically, the Ta ngeng fruit gives twice harvests per year after it planted from 3 to 4 years. Pailin is the right place for longan tree or Ta ngeng tree plantation.  Now there are more farmers creating bigger and bigger longan farms in Cambodia.
The longan or Ta Ngeng fruit is sweet, juicy, and succulent. It can eat freshly and dried. People in East Asia liked to eat fresh, and use to make soups, snacks, and desserts. Especially making canned with syrup is the extremely taste.

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