Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Angkor Wat on the raining season Angkor Wat on the raining season

Angkor Wat on the raining season
When the monsoon comes, it might, in fact, be the best time to see Cambodia. Because the truth is, even though it rains almost every day…Sometimes in torrents so thick you can barely see…it rarely last more than an hour or two. And the effect is usually refreshing. The rain clear the air washes away the dust and cools down everything. The landscape turns lush and fragrant, colors take on richer hues and, instead of scorching tropical sun, you get constantly changing light and spectacular sunsets. For tourist place in particular, Angkor
Wat it’s the great time that you would come to visit, the most extraordinary temple and landscape in the Asia and on the world. Experienced from my family that just visited Angkor Wat on last August 2011; the summer seasonal with the blooming of rain drop every day, I would like to share the great things as well as the fantastic time at Angkor area. Although you are venue here by any vehicle, the first thing that makes your trip freshly and comfortable by great water, which the sky always overcast, the environment cool down, and the most special is the greenness colored of everything that covered every were.


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