Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kampot Pepper

In Cambodia, Kampot province is native to pepper plantation, which growing well since the past throughout decades. There were many large pepper farms with hundred and hundred hectares, which given numerous of yield pepper corns for export every year. According to the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia reported that at the moment Cambodia is the biggest country in the region, who exported pepper corns to the world market with thousand tones every year. In 2010 the exporting is only a few tones. A big question of why pepper plantation is dramatically fall down?

Normally, red soil which is rich in organic, suitable for pepper plant, so the plant is limited in some areas. Kampong Trach district and also Phnom Vor, Cham Kabei village are well known as the experiential area for many plantations, especially, there are many family cultivated pepper plant with good practice from many generations. Kampot green pepper aromas factually explode with very mild peppery.

Mr. Nhem Theung, owner of one pepper farm in Kampot
Mr. Nhem Theung, chief of Cham Kabei village who is the technical person of pepper cultivation explained that investing on pepper farm needs a big amount of money for preparing grafting pepper tree. Especially , spending on supporting tree, poles, or trellises, because pepper plant is the spreading vine, rooting readily where trailing touch the ground. Moreover, after every time harvest, it must have sufficient soil to add by covering on the tree, and also needs more poles supporting pepper vine which cultivated along the years.
In Cambodia, one pole costs about five to seven dollars (it can take from Chook district). So the thousand peppers plants of a hectare area will spend thousand dollars for buying it. The soil is also difficult to find for recovering pepper trees, while the price of the soil is sharply increased in recent years.

Pepper plantation required perfect maintenance for young pepper vine; most of farmer made the cover by coconut leaves to protect the trees for many months from sunlight as well as strong wind which could damaged it, until it is growing well and beginning to bear fruits. Kampot pepper farm was cultivated in natural, no chemical in used, the fertilizer almost used as cow excrement and bat excrement. For instance, it’s protected by natural medicine which can be various compounds (from other varieties tree) by actual situation. It was also great care of sufficient water source for growing well and gives a huge yield.
The pepper tree are covered by coconut leaves to protect from sunlight and strong wind
Today, Kampot pepper farm is also the natural tourism site for many visitors. They come to visit the green farm as well as purchase the great natural product that has four types such as green pepper, black pepper, red pepper and white pepper. The special product with reasonable price, from ten to twenty dollars per kilogram.
Kampot Pepper, Cambodia Product
Kampot Pepper, Cambodia Product
Kampot Pepper, Cambodia Product
Kampot Pepper, Cambodia Product

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