Monday, 14 November 2011

Cambodian Silk Products

Cambodian farmer joined in exhibiting Cambodian silk products at Khmer product expo in Phnom Pneh. Cambodia’s tradition of silk dates back to Angkor times.  Today, the revival of the weaving and sericulture of Khmer “golden” silk produces a unique modern style that merges the best of hand-made traditions with the newest designs to produce luxury silks.

Cambodian silk products are prized by silk collectors. Most of Cambodian silk available in Cambodia is hand-loomed using the traditional ikat method of dying the threads and looming in the patterns.

Both raw and fine silks are available in the form of bolts, sarongs, clothing and various handicrafts. Cambodian silk is available at the Russian Market and silk shops and boutiques across town, many specializing in silk creations such as tailored Asian and Euro-Asian fashions, fashion accessories and soft furnishings.

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