Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cambodia Rice: Cambodia is becoming one of rice exporting countries

Cambodia is becoming one of rice exporting countries, where 80% of its people doing the agriculture conventionally to industry model. As reported, Cambodia still have a surplus stock upto 2 million tones of rice available for export in 2010.

Royal Government of Cambodia have set up the policy to support the Agriculture Industry, Especially on Rice export where the stock surplus is available upto 2 million tones per year.

Signature of Asia, is committing to step into the industry by engaging the standard-rice miller house and farmer association to stock the paddy for export demand. Signature of Asia, has been stepped into agriculture industry since 2007 by promoting and distributing organic fertilizer importing from Japan directly to the farmer and purchasing back their paddy stock.

Firstly, Signature of Asia was supplying the rice to the local consumption and start to inquiry on export market demand from China, Hong Kong, Holland, France, Poland, Germany, Russia and Phillipine ...........ect. It is another milestone that we successfully export our rice in 2010 and make us become top ten of the rice exporter in Cambodia of the year 2010.

Signature of Asia is operating under the four philosophies : [1] Hornest , [2] Trustable, [3] Confident ,[4] Commitment

With these found principles, we offer our customer the satisfaction and worry-free on our deal and contract and we understood what it take from our customer mind.

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